Gelcoats - AIPOL

Gelcoats AIPOL coatings offered by our company are commonly used over surfaces made up of fiberglass-reinforced plastics to provide a smooth and glossy finish. These coatings are used to improve physical aesthetics and provide excellent protection against harsh weather conditions.

Isophthalic Polyester Resin

Isophthalic Polyester Resin polymers are industrial-class synthetic materials that are commonly used for the protection of objects that are in contact with water such as pipes, tanks, boat bodies, and others to enhance service life as well as give excellent protection against UV rays.

Fire Retardant Gelcoat

Fire Retardant Gelcoat materials are synthetic coatings for the protection of products against low to high-degree flames. These polymeric products can be used in commercial as well as industrial applications to ensure high safety.

Fiber Products

Our company offers premium grade Fiber Products such as mats, paint rollers, and others. They are made up of premium quality fiber-reinforced plastic that results in light weight design and offers excellent chemical resistance.



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